Escape This Truck

  • The first with 3 group selectable difficulty levels
  • The first with Alternate Clues
  • Shorter versions for large events
  • A seriously fun Team Building experience!
  • Family Friendly - Ages 8+
  • btw... it's mobile for parties and events, and can be found at great breweries and cool locations!

Hotshot Escapers?

Enter the




an Escape Room on the run!

** Corona Virus ** As restrictions ease we are taking advance reservations for private (household only) sessions at your location. We utilize a wipe down procedure using disinfectant wipes after every game, have a hand cleaning station, and the room has an air scrubber that runs during the games. Participants and operators are required to wear masks and gloves, and to certify that they are not experiencing any cold or flu symptoms. Fun will be had again! Book your reservations soon. :-)

Your new Mission

A high tech Armored Truck, its crew, and $400,000 is missing. You are on the recovery team with an Operation Order to find and secure the vehicle, the crew and its contents. Finding the truck is only the first puzzle to solve. Getting past the security systems and not getting framed for the heist is the real objective. Good luck!

Experience the excitement and reward of tackling an Escape Room with our brand new mobile room! Every bit as complex and fun as a fixed location, this Escape Room can come to you for team building events and parties, or it can be found onsite at a family friendly brewery or beautiful park in the Bay Area, CA. It's the perfect Escape Room for enthusiasts looking to hang out and compete. Check the Book Online page for locations.

the Game:


With 2 rooms, Hidden Panels, Automatic Doors, Safes to Pick, Video Clues, and Lasers!, the Room is a truly satisfying challenge. Designed to inspire solutions, the clues are in plain view waiting to be discovered and utilized before the clock runs out. It's a fast paced game of searching, solving and team communication. It took two years to build and was painstakingly created using never-before-seen high and low tech puzzles to provide an immersive and engrossing experience.

the Space:

The Rooms are inside a gigantic truck that features normal ceiling heights, fantastic lighting, AC, and all the required and expected safety systems. Escape Room doors are not actually locked so you'll feel totally comfortable when you step inside and become engrossed in the game. It's an achievement in design and fabrication that was created to bring the fun and wholesome adventure of Escape Rooms to everyone, regardless of where they are. 

Some buzz about Escape Rooms in the New York Times:

See the FAQ section for more information, or contact us if you have any questions at all.


Congratulations!! to Team Cluecurio featuring Professor Tangram as the first to beat the game. 32m 9/20/18

The CleanEscape Challenge:

Be the second team to Escape in under 55 minutes without receiving any additional clues.* Every puzzle and objective has been solved without help by multiple teams, but solving them all in sequence without a little help somewhere is a true challenge. The winning team(s) will be permanently listed on our site and get a CleanEscape trophy. Could your team be the next? Book online and send us a note that you want to make a CleanEscape attempt. 

*Rules: A team of four minimum and 11 maximum, having paid full non-discounted admission for the 55 minute version must announce that they are making a CleanEscape attempt prior to starting a session.  To be considered a CleanEscape, the Game will be set to Difficult Level, operator must not have been requested for assistance of any kind during the game session and the team must trigger the exit door opening sequence (the result of solving the final objective) before the session expires at the end of 55 minutes. Puzzles, doors, locks, etc. cannot have been forced or "picked"and must be "solved" as part of normal game play as observed and judged by the operator at their sole discretion. If during the session any of the puzzles or objects fail to work properly, the team can choose to stop game play for a refund and a new attempt at another time, or continue on and forfeit the CleanEscape attempt. Rules subject to reasonable change without notice.

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