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Team Building & Special Events

Escape This Truck LLC offers a trendy and fun onsite experience for guests, teams and attendees that will be remembered long after the event is over.


  • A challenging and rewarding onsite Escape Room experience.

  • Group selectable difficulty levels to ensure everyone has fun.

  • 55 minute and 30 minute versions to accommodate event timing, budget, and group requirements.

  • 4 to 10 team sizes per session.


  • It's a fantastic team building and ice breaking event. The experience requires communication and makes teams closer, faster.

  • Wholesome fun that families can share together. Great for parties!

  • Reveals team dynamics and member strengths for post game analysis by managers and team leaders. (Observation of team progress is available)

  • Sparks friendly competition between teams and a lot of after event discussions.

To arrange a special event or Team Building Exercise

Call 650-308-4734 or contact at

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