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  • The Basics: What is an Escape Room?
    An Escape Room is a timed team exercise in the form of a puzzle adventure game played in a controlled environment, usually in a space with multiple rooms. The fun comes from solving various challenges with the team in a linear progression to achieve the ultimate goal of "Escaping." Well designed Escape Rooms require the team to work together and are not solvable as a solo player. Ours requires at least 3.
  • How can an Escape Room be mobile?
    Our room is built inside a very large truck and is the perfect size for a team of up to 11. It is multi-room with normal ceiling height, A/C and fantastic lighting. We spent almost two years building out all the required safety systems and puzzle challenges to make it a safe, exhilarating and immersive experience. **No, it does not move when you are in it. :-)
  • What is the cost and time requirement?
    The full version is 55 minutes long, has 24 objectives and is for up to 10 adults or children. The shorter session is 30 minutes and is only offered for large groups or festivals. It has 16 objectives and the most fun aspects of the game are all still there. We just remove a middle sequence to expedite for events, team building and parties where more people would like to give it a try. The cost per either session is $350 and a delivery fee is added to the total based on the distance to the event.
  • Is this good for a child's party?
    If the kid(s) are over 11 years old, then absolutely! It's perfect for birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, etc. Groups under 13 must have at least one parent in the room to maintain some order and help when needed.
  • Where will the truck be?
    Most customers have us come to their locations within a reasonable distance from San Carlos on the Peninsula. If you would like a fun brewery location for your team event, we can set up in the mid-Peninsula area. Further locations are possible but the travel fee can make it less economical. Call us for an estimate 650-308-4734
  • Are Escape Rooms scary?
    Not this one! You'll be too busy trying to solve the puzzles. FYI you are never actually locked into an Escape Room. All exits are clearly marked and accessible at anytime. However, they are One-Way exits, so remember to use the restroom before you go in. ;-)
  • How do the group selectable Levels work?
    To ensure everyone has fun, from newbies to experts, we have implemented selectable "Levels." Level 1 Players won't get stuck very long without receiving a little help from a Video Clue, or the Game Master to help get you on track. The group can invoke the clue or ask the GM. Level 2 Players will receive basic clues if stuck for a maximum of three requests. The GM can always call in to help. Level 3 You are on your own. See the "Clean Escape Challenge" on the home page for details. (Advised only for the very experienced escapers.)
  • Will this be TOO hard? What if we get stuck?
    Well designed escape rooms have been thoroughly tested to make sure they are not ridiculously difficult, and have a minimum of "red herrings" (dead ends.) Ours also allows you to select the difficulty level, with the easiest setting providing extra clues when you get stuck. In addition, the operator is available to help guide you through any sticking points to make sure you don't leave totally frustrated. We'll take good care of you, don't worry. ;-)
  • What does 'Not In Play' mean?
    Anything marked with Not in Play means that it is not part of the game and should not be touched. In other words, it's a waste of your precious game time to look at it.
  • What does "use no force" mean in Escape Games?"
    Our motto is: Make it open, Don't break it open! Every puzzle contraption, device, hidden cabinet, door, etc. in an Escape Room is painstakingly designed and built to work on its own when you solve the correct sequence. This means, DO NOT FORCE anything, please. Use brain over brawn. It's much more satisfying. Besides, every action is seen and documented by the all seeing eye (operator)...
  • What's the youngest age allowed?
    An Escape Room is a fairly universal game, but it is not geared towards children. As we all know, kids come in a wide variety of temperaments and abilities. We find that if they are under 8, generally, they are likely to be a little lost, but even so may still enjoy being in the room with their adults and older siblings. Typically, the cutoff is 8, but check in with us if you have a special situation. If it's a party, only groups of 11 year olds and older will be considered. Minors under 18 require a signed waiver from a guardian. Kids under 13 must have a supervising adult with them. If your kid of ANY age is easily bored and/or rambunctious, then this is not the place for them.
  • Is the game physically challenging?
    No physical exertion is required and most of the game is designed to be accessible from wheel chair height.
  • You mention Lasers, are they safe?"
    We are using unfocused lasers, where the laser lens has been removed. Essentially, they are only bright flashlights now. We also require participants to wear supplied laser protection glasses when the lasers are on as an added measure. So yes, quite safe.
  • How do I book the room for an event or private party?
    Please call us at: 650-308-4734 or email for more information and to schedule the event.
  • What locations do you serve?
    We are Peninsula based and the delivery fee is based on travel time. So for single session events, it will generally be cost prohibitive for us to travel too far. But we are happy to discuss your location and go over the specifics.
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